San Francisco Hippie Hill

“Hippie Hill is a glimpse at the Haight’s hippie culture. You will find a large and popular drum circle, amateur performers of many types from jugglers to musicians, frisbee enthusiasts, picnickers, and psychedelic drug users, all mingling happily. Don’t be surprised to find locals lighting up a joint of marijuana at Hippie Hill.”

My personal opinion:  The 60’s are dead and the Haight continues to live off the success of it’s past.  Visitors and travelers flock to the neighborhood attempting to find a glimpse of the historic past that no longer exists.  Marijuana is no longer the choice of recreational drug as prescription drugs and harder drugs have taken over.  I don’t mind the travelers or drug use but the sense of neighborhood is gone.  Today the heart of San Francisco lies in the Mission, far from the tourists.

~ by tomfitzg on February 21, 2011.

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